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Kyoto Teapot

Simple and elegant .. this teapot is.. holds 4 cups and is made of...

Curve Pot

Great teapots in fun colors with stainless infuser baskets...the...

Stump Pot

Convenient 2 cup teapot with stainless brewing basket.... 8...

Pop Top Stainless Brewer

This is great for 'on the go' brewing.. it is a double walled...

Brew-in Mug

Perfect personal brewing cups.. 15 oz.. great colors.. with...

Glass To Go cup

This is a great cup.. glass, yes.. a little fragile.. but has...

Elephant Teapot

This teapot holds 3 cups of tea.. and brings lot's of charm to the...

Flavored Sugars

Beautifully flavored sugars from France.. lovely over fruit, for...

Chiseled Japanese Mugs

Contemporary Japanese mugs with muted earth colors and chiseled...

Brewing Baskets

A basket to use and use and use..

Gift Certificate

An easy thing to give.. and such a treat to receive.. If you don't...

Tuffy Steepers

These are great steepers that conveniently fold up for on the go...

T Sacs

The easiest way to brew a cup, or pot, of tea.. just put the tea...

Tea Measuring Spoon

A useful tool to have close at hand when brewing tea... one...