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Kyoto Teapot

Simple and elegant .. this teapot is.. holds 4 cups and is made of...

Curve Pot

Great teapots in fun colors with stainless infuser baskets...the...

Stump Pot

Convenient 2 cup teapot with stainless brewing basket.... 8...

Pop Top Stainless Brewer

This is great for 'on the go' brewing.. it is a double walled...

Brew-in Mug

Perfect personal brewing cups.. 15 oz.. great colors.. with...

Glass To Go cup

This is a great cup.. glass, yes.. a little fragile.. but has...

Elephant Teapot

This teapot holds 3 cups of tea.. and brings lot's of charm to the...

Flavored Sugars

Beautifully flavored sugars from France.. lovely over fruit, for...

Brewing Baskets

A basket to use and use and use..

Gift Certificate

An easy thing to give.. and such a treat to receive.. If you don't...

Tuffy Steepers

These are great steepers that conveniently fold up for on the go...

T Sacs

The easiest way to brew a cup, or pot, of tea.. just put the tea...

Tea Measuring Spoon

A useful tool to have close at hand when brewing tea... one...